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Discover a new level of luxury and convenience with AirLuxJets private jet charter. With access to an extensive fleet of over 3,500 modern private jets, we provide transparent and independent solutions tailored to your unique travel requirements. Book with us and unlock unforgettable travel experiences that cater to the needs of both companies and discerning individuals.

Your Trusted Service Provider

24/7 Support from Dedicated Professionals

We understand the importance of being there for our clients whenever they need us. That’s why AirLuxJets offers exceptional 24/7 support by a team of extensively educated and trained professionals. Their passion and motivation drive them to go above and beyond, ensuring you receive assistance in any situation, at any time. With us, your time is valued, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Unparalleled Value with AirLuxJets

AirLuxJets is dedicated to providing unparalleled value. Our commitment to excellence means we tirelessly seek out the best private jet options and negotiate prices that align with your budget and expectations. Trust us to secure the top prices in the industry, allowing you to experience the ultimate in luxury travel without compromising your financial goals.

Customised Trips

With AirLuxJets, you have the opportunity to customise every aspect of your trip according to your preferences. Our experienced charter advisors are available around the clock to assist you in selecting the right jet, planning your route, and addressing any further inquiries. We take care of all the details, allowing you to fully focus on your travel experience.

VIP Concierge Service

Our service goes beyond just the flight. We offer exclusive extras such as limousine service, customised catering options, and VIP assistance to make your airport stay and journey as enjoyable as possible. Whether you are traveling for business or enjoying a luxurious vacation – at AirLuxJets, you are in the best hands.

Further advantages

Your Pets, Your Journey: Pets Welcome on Board

Your pets are an important part of your journey. AirLuxJets welcomes them on board, ensuring they can travel with you on your private jet charter.

Maximise Productivity at 40,000 Feet

Stay productive with our unmatched Internet speeds onboard AirLuxJets private jet flights.

Exclusive Access to Unique Airports

Experience exclusive access to unique airports beyond commercial routes.

Hassle-Free Private Jet Charters at Your Convenience

Enjoy hassle-free private jet charters with AirLuxJets. Arrange your charter easily through phone or WhatsApp, with no minimum lead times and a bespoke, paperless process.

Seamless Travel Management: Concierge at Your Service

Enjoy seamless travel management with AirLuxJets dedicated concierge service.

Safety First: Face Masks, Distancing, Fresh Air

Your safety is our priority at AirLuxJets. Our crew adheres to wearing face masks, practicing safe distancing, and ensuring continuous air cabin circulation for 100% fresh air throughout your journey.

Travel in Privacy: Private Jet Boarding, Enhanced Biosecurity

Travel in utmost privacy with AirLuxJets. Our private jet boarding from dedicated terminals allows you to avoid crowds and unnecessary touchpoints, while enjoying enhanced biosecurity measures that ensure your safety and well-being.

Quick and Convenient Booking

Save time with AirLuxJets’ quick and convenient booking process. With just a few simple steps, you can secure your private jet charter hassle-free.

Quick and Seamless Boarding: 15 Minutes Only

Save time with AirLuxJets’ streamlined 15-minute boarding process, getting you on your private jet swiftly.


Group Flights

We provide group flight services, catering to the needs of travelers flying together for various purposes such as corporate events, family vacations, or special occasions.

Private Jet Charter

Our private jet charter service offers exclusive and personalised travel experiences. Enjoy the luxury, convenience, and flexibility of flying on a private jet tailored to your specific requirements.


AirLuxJets also handles cargo transportation services, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of goods to various destinations.

Flight Programs for Travel Agencies

We offer flight programmes tailored for travel agencies, providing comprehensive and customised solutions to meet the unique travel needs of their clients.

Evacuation Flights

AirLuxJets is equipped to arrange evacuation flights in emergency situations, ensuring the safe and swift transportation of individuals during critical times.

Travel Experience

Our Experience Team specialises in designing personalised trips tailored to your preferences and interests, ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Family Travel

We cater to family travel needs, offering services and accommodations that meet the requirements and preferences of families, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable journey.

Pet Transportation

AirLuxJets provides pet transportation services, ensuring the safe and comfortable travel of your furry companions.


We offer specialised services for athletes, providing seamless travel solutions that meet their unique requirements and support their athletic endeavors.

Government Flights

We facilitate flights for government entities, ensuring secure and efficient transportation for officials and diplomats.

Celebrity & Vip Jet Charter

Our VIP jet charter services cater to celebrities and high-profile individuals, offering utmost privacy, luxury, and personalised travel experiences.

Medical Charter Flights

AirLuxJets arranges medical charter flights, providing safe and efficient transportation for patients, medical personnel, and specialised equipment in critical or emergency situations.

About AirLuxJets

Your Premium Provider for Exclusive Private Jet Charter

AirLuxJets is your trusted partner for luxurious private jet charter worldwide. With our years of experience and top-notch service, we offer an unforgettable travel experience that meets the highest standards.

Our company has an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art private jets that provide you with maximum flexibility and comfort. From light private jets for short distances to spacious long-range jets – we have the perfect solution for your individual needs. Our aircraft are regularly maintained and meet the highest safety standards to ensure a worry-free journey.

Discover the world of private jet charter with us and experience unforgettable journeys in ultimate comfort. Contact our experienced team today to plan your next flight. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional travel experience.

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